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Project summary


InnWater aims at promoting social innovation to renew multi-level and cross sector water governance, associated with economic and financial mechanisms to support EU Green Deal transition while ensuring water systems sustainability.

The methodology consists in providing tailored innovative and cross sector governance tools, methods and supports that will be tested in 5 Pilot Sites and co-developed.

The sites are from 5 different countries (IT, HU, UK, FR, SP), implementing different types of governance mechanisms and covering different water challenges:

  • France (La Réunion – Economic focus)
  • Italy (il Brenta - Ecosystem services - Drinking water sector)
  • Spain (Figueres – Water scarcity)
  • United Kingdom (West Country – Water quality)
  • Hungary (Middle Tisza – Water allocation).

The overall approach of InnWater is embedded in the social innovation approach that considers the (1) technological, (2) governance, (3) capacity development and (4) economic dimensions of innovative solutions. By considering these 4 dimensions, InnWater aims to give to the stakeholders a clear role to co-develop and experience tailored governance solutions that they will use in an autonomous manner in the end. 

This will lead to the replication of InnWater solutions and the identification of the policy and regulatory recommendations at the local, European and international scales.

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