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InnWater specificity


The involvement of citizens in matters that previously seemed to be restricted to governments (e.g., the protection and use of key natural resources) is one of the most notable social changes in recent decades and one of the pillars of the concept of "governance". The constant increase in landscape and multisectoral approaches (e.g., WEFE nexus thinking incorporation) that seek to overcome silo thinking is a trend in the European environmental agenda (e.g., Rexus and Lenses projects) and one of the basic conditions for ensuring results of projects such as InnWater are incorporated by decision-makers.

Most of the pilot sites are governed by public bodies and their associations. Often a political will and a majority consensus is needed to approve and accept new governance approaches. InnWater's participatory approach will also aim to test the tools through iterative processes and build capacity in the pilot and replication sites to generate broad social acceptance of governance solutions and increase communication and understanding of the project.

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